Take Productivity to New Heights

Whether you need to paint a multi-story building façade, replace lighting in a gymnasium ceiling or reach up and over tall shrubbery or trees to perform exterior maintenance, turn to the Absolute E-Z Up® TRACCESS TR-69/39™ or electric TRE-69/39™ track-mounted boom. With over 75’ of working height, 39’ working outreach and 6-ft 8” articulating jib with 110° working angle, the TRACCESS TR-69/39 gives you the access you need to complete a variety of worksite tasks, whether indoors or out.

Gets You Where You Need to Work

The TRACCESS TR-69/39 and electric TRE-69/39 track-mounted booms offer the features you need to perform nearly any jobsite task.

  • 31% gradeability
  • 440-lb unrestricted platform capacity
  • 4,620-lb unit weight
  • True Zero™ tail swing
  • 360° non-continuous turret rotation
  • 1.24 mph drive speed (.37 mph for TRE-69/39)
  • Compact footprint
  • Non-marking tracks

Ultimate Stability on the Job

The TRACCESS TR-69/39 track-mounted boom features extending width tracks, which automatically adjust to ensure the machine remains stable when working, no matter the height.

Transport with Ease

And when you’re ready to head to the next work site, use the remote coil cable control system to load the TRACCESS TR-69/39 onto a trailer or hook it up to a hitch and for quick and easy transport.

The TRACCESS TR-69/39 and TRE-69/39 is backed by our Platinum 5-1-1 Warranty, giving you the confidence you need to perform the rugged tasks today’s worksites require.

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