IAWP-9.6 – Efficient Low Level Access Platform

IAWP 9.6 work platform - a low level access platform worker easily works at height

Smallest Footprint and a 16-ft Working Height

The IAWP-9.6™ Industrial Aerial Work Platform has the smallest footprint in the low-level access industry. For indoor worksites, the small dimensions allow the IAWP-9.6™ to maneuver in narrow hallways, elevators, offices, and other confined spaces.


Workhorse in a Small Package

  • 1,212 lb – lowest weight for its size class in the industry
  • 16-ft working height
  • 47”L x 26”W x 68”H – with zero inside turning radius
  • 250 duty cycles (or 5 miles) on a single charge – recharges in a few hours
  • 2 standard extension decks increase platform length to 5.5 ft – no competitive low level access platform has this feature!
  • Increase ground clearance by 2 inches with the wheel-assist kit


Need more working height?
If higher working heights or a platform that holds two workers is what you need, check out the IAWP-15 . If it’s maximum versatility, see the  IAWP-7.3.

Work Safe with the IAWP-9.6™

Worker safety is our top priority. The IAWP-9.6™ protects your low level access platform workers with these features:

  • Slope alarm with automatic interruption of all functions except descent
  • Audible alarm for movement
  • Anti-tilt system
  • Built-in pothole protection
  • Overload control with auto lock-out lifting interruption
  • Flashing beacon

Get Even More Ground Clearance – the Wheel Assist Kit

Exclusively for the IAWP-9.6™, the Wheel Assist Kit boosts your ground clearance by 2 inches, giving a total of 3.4 inches of clearance.

If you’re worried about bottoming out on uneven ground with lots of debris, the kit clears the way. It also makes it easier to load and unload.


See it in action!

View the IAWP-9.6 Product Video

View the IAWP-9.6 Product Brochure

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